Monday, October 31, 2005

what's this?

tee hee hee! scary enough for ya?

the sweet smell of decay

happy all hallow's eve day. atche ay dubble ell oh dubbel yew dubble ee en spells halloween. i'm totally procrastinating in a major way on writing a paper that is due today. i keep making all these bargains with myself. i only have about six hours left in which to write it. it only has to be three to five pages. one of the problems is that he gave us three choices on what we could write about. i've changed my mind like nine times. the one i have decided on is "discuss the nature of mythic consciousness in our society through examining the stories we tell ourselves (in advertising, media, music, film, architecture, education, etc.). Illustrate with plentiful details. Do you believe we live in a demythologized environment, or is myth alive and well? Refer to at least one of the theorists (Jung, Campbell, Eliade)." Life is so unfair. it's not that i am unable to write it, i just can't seem to get started!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

like a rock

the weatherman is a good movie. when we were walking out this old lady said it had a lot of realism in it. that is true. this one woman in the theatre must have thought she was in her living room because she kept commenting rather loudly about the movie. like we all want to hear what she thinks! what if everyone did that? sheesh.

all your desires fulfilled

have you ever wondered what it would be like to get everything you want? it might not be as good as you think. there's even a twilight zone episode that illustrates this point. the episode is called A Nice Place to Visit. He who Binds Himself to a Joy Does the winged life destroy He who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in Eternity's sunrise the root cause of suffering is desire, says the buddha. conspicuous consumption does not bring happiness.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

once again

this morning, we went to hometown buffet. mmmmm. the biscuits and gravy were grand. the cheesecake is delightful. i had planned on trying to bring home a couple of extra piece of cheesecake, but i got too paranoid that they would catch me and i would be escorted from the establishment humiliated in front of all the overweight rednecks (i'm sorry, that was not nice). but really, i love hometown buffet. i think it is a good deal. i almost wish i could eat every meal there, but then i would probably get really fat.

Friday, October 28, 2005

movie reviews have failed me

how can i ever trust movie reviews again? the movie stigmata got horrible reviews and it is one of my favorite movies. i love everything about it. either i have bad taste in movies or critics just can't be trusted.


we are not amused
i got these fake halloween mustaches at target for a dollar. then i got into mischief. i couldn't resist, because the mustache matched my cat's fur. you can see that she didn't like it. i laughed my fool head off, though. it was worth it. it's not really cat abuse, is it? i only used a little rolled up piece of masking tape and i only left it on there long enough to snap the photo.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

God's little joke

today, i slept until about 10:30AM. rented stigmata because it is one of my favorite movies. also rented two crappy movies: bewitched and house of wax. haven't watched them yet. my expectations are low, so i won't be disappointed. i think i might start on that latch-hook rug that i have yet to start on. that's about the extent of the excitement planned for today. i'm sure i'll fit some homework in there somewhere.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

at sixes and sevens

this morning the alarm woke me up at seven by scaring me half out of my wits. it is way too loud. i like alarm clocks that are peaceful. amazingly, i can actually wake up to an alarm clock that is just the radio set between two stations so all you hear is that static sound. it's not good to start the day out in a panic. anyway, i had to go to the dentist and my appointment seriously only took ten minutes. that was kind of annoying because i have another appointment tomorrow morning at eight, as well. why couldn't the dentist have just consolidated all these mini-appointments into one normal appointment? it is a medical mystery. i find that i can write more if i look at the ceiling while i type. looking into the computer screen turms my brain to mush. this morning for breakfast i had a grapefruit, a banana, a breakfast burrito and an egg mcmuffin and now, i am going to have a donut. this is all stretched over a three hour period, mind you. i didn't eat it all at once. i've not been studying for this quiz because i've read both of the assigned chapters at least twice and they still make little sense to me, so why torture myself? the book is written for someone who already knows everything that is in it. it's practically indecipherable to the average person, if you ask me...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

going bananas

it's raining. i have a quiz tomorrow for which i spent no time studying today. so, i am five months pregnant in this picture in case you were thinking maybe i was looking a little bumpy.

okay, i guess i lied

there are no good boots to buy, so i didn't buy any. they are either too expensive or too retardid. oh well. i'll just have to want what i don't have until something happens. our mall is very lame, anyways. i did get this beautiful j-lo scarf at ross for $7. supposedly it retails for $40.

everybody's stupid stupid

i am in a bad mood. woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak. i just do not understand the way some people's minds work. i really don't. it's annoying. anyway, today, i AM buying some boots.

Monday, October 24, 2005

now photobucket is down

what is up with the intrawebs? i don't have time for this! don't 'they' know that in this modern day and age all things must be instantly available and working properly at all times? i demand perfection!!! end rant...

in case you were wondering

haloscan is down for everyone. that is why the comments won't work. i'm sure it will be fixed eventually..... (stupid hell-o-scan)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

woe is me

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today, i slept most of the day. i made old fashioned lentil soup with honey cornbread. those were delicious. scott says that lentils taste like sawdust and he won't eat them. oh well, more healthy food for me. i'm supposed to be studying for my Geography of the Mediterranean midterm, but when i read my notes i feel like i have the flu and have to take a nap. it's intolerably boring. i can't pay attention to it. but i can easily read other stuff. i've rarely done well in history classes. all the dates and names just swim around in my head and start doing belly dances. plus, scott has been watching a Trucks marathon all day long! my interests run more along the lines of Celebrity True Hollywood Stories ... which he teases me about the whole time i watch them. so i tease him about the trucks. he says that he's gonna make the baby like working on cars too! noooooo!!!!! the baby will much rather make lentils with mommy.

unconscious mutterings

  1. Infiltration::perspiration
  2. Nice person::fake
  3. Debt::money
  4. Settle down::simmer
  5. Thomas::jefferson
  6. Unforgivable::offense
  7. Medicine::bag
  8. A year from now::five
  9. Neighbors::nosey
  10. Dripping::blood

Saturday, October 22, 2005

so beautiful it's scary

last night i had this dream about these things in the sky. it was like they were living mandalas. so beautiful and amazing. like snowflakes but multiple colors and huge and moving sort of like clouds but also sort of like a kaleidoscope. i was taking pictures of the stuff. they were so amazing that i was in awe... really almost scared. then, one of them dropped this liquid ball that hit my arm and bounced off and landed in the water and the water turned into this huge undulating ocean and i couldn't walk back to the house, so this huge liquid metal 'person' formed and carried me home. then my grandma said that it was 'feeling me up' and she asked me if i felt tittilated. then we found A LOT of money outside the front door. this dream just keeps getting weirder. what is UP with that!?

Friday, October 21, 2005

this thing was huge

Photo Hosted at
sometimes, it is hard to get insects into focus. today, i allowed myself to be dragged to Doom, the movie. it was mostly really loud and probably scared the baby. i felt kinda bad thinking maybe i shouldn't have gone. but, it was sort of entertaining in a video-gamish way. the most interesting thing was the idea that some people are genetically predisposed to being evil.

mathematical intelligence

imagine how hard it would be to make this
this shows the earth's magnetic field
i don't know who makes them, but some of them are really amazing! even if it is 'hoaxters' it's still amazing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

invisible lunatic

here's me posing as a camwhore. it is just that i can't think of anything else to take pictures of. i have a nice camera and it's fun to take pictures. other people can take pictures of really mundane stuff and have it turn out cool. i want to do that, too, but i don't know how.

frumious bandersnatch

scott and i have totally different approaches to going to the movie theatre. but, we are practically opposites in everything, so this is no big surprise. if we were to ever really see something the same way, it would be apocalyptic or something. anyway, i am the type who has to research every review ever written, know who all the important players are in the film, weigh my options carefully and hope that i have made the most optimal choice on which to spend my $5.75 for matinees only. scott is the type who sees a commercial, thinks it looks good, and goes to the movie whenever the mood strikes-- matinee be damned. so, sometimes we end up going to see nothing at all. yesterday being a case in point. he wanted to see domino. all the reviews say it is the most horrible movie ever made in the history of movie making. the only other movie that seems worth going to, until shopgirl comes out this friday, is wallace & grommit. but, really, we decided that everything that's playing now is really only worth a rental fee. so, we'll have to wait until friday to start this whole ordeal up again. like any of this really matters in the grand scheme of life.

Monday, October 17, 2005

we're calling it a sprained leg

this weekend i took the Graduation Writing Proficiency Exam and i thought i would blow them away with my amazing genius, but alas and alack, i did not. i did pass, however... which is all that is truly necessary. the best you can do is a score of four sixes. i got two fives and two fours. i think it's because i sort of wandered off topic a little, maybe. oh well. at least i passed. if you don't pass you have to pay $20 and take it again, which would have delayed my graduation-- cuz i waited til the last minute to take the test.

the king of infinite space

my hair is wet and i don't have my blowdryer. all i have is a comb. i'm tired of wearing the same clothes all the time. i want boots. life sometimes feels like prison. my dad is alive in my dreams. i tend to be a huge procrastinator and it seems like i enjoy it. my brain gets tired. my belly is beginning to really stick out. i'm five months pregnant. i love to eat lemons with salt when i want something naughty. i can't think of anything to photograph.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

don't just do something-- sit there

mmmm-mmm i am so happy! i have always wanted to try this flavor and have never seen it in a store until today. i got it at grocery outlet for $1.69. i think it needs chocolate syrup, but that's not a problem. mmmm. ice cream. saw the movie history of violence yesterday. it was very human. dirty and graphic. viggo mortensen plays innocent too well. can't trust someone like that. also, watched a movie called mother night. it was interesting. the music was 20 times louder than the dialogue though-- which drives me insane. also, the cat Bikey seems to have broken his leg. :-(

Friday, October 14, 2005

cat and mouse

we were bored and trying to figure out what to do when the cat ran into the house with a mouse. that provided some excitement. especially when the mouse got away three times. first under the stove, then under the sofa... then into the wall. whoops! partly it was my fault because i made the cat go blind with the camera flash.

you are a silly-head

i finished a ten-page paper that was due today. we're supposed to have some celtic guy come to class in full regalia and talk about celtic stuff today. should i go? i dunno. i have to go to school anyway to turn my paper in, so i guess i'll go. isn't my life exciting? for some reason i feel compelled to blog about it, anyway! i could blog about more interesting stuff, but my mind always go blank when i sit at the computer.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


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today we saw the movie waiting... t'was juvenile and funny and probably, and quite sadly, rather realistic. eating in restaurants isn't all it's cracked up to be, that's for sure. but it doesn't seem to be hurting too many people. then again, that's probably an untrue assertion.

let's do the bugaboo

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you change one thing on your blog and then you have to change a million trillion things and it makes me very angry at my blog! stupid blog! now i like it, but how long will it be until i think it is intolerably ugly and i have to change it again! roar!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a bone to pick with this world

when i was a kid, i did latch-hook rugs and i want to do one now. i went to michael's and they range from $7-50. i got this beautiful horse one that we are going to give to scott's mom for christmas because she loves horses. i don't know where i'll find the time to do it, but i have to take breaks from homework some time or i'll go insane.

Monday, October 10, 2005


today, two guys were walking by and one of them said to the other, "no really. i'm unusually strong for my size."

Sunday, October 09, 2005

my suitcase is damaged

my son is obsessed with this webpage. it has all these silly claymation movies that are really only mildly amusing but he laughs like they are the funniest thing on the planet. maybe it's because he's eleven and maybe i don't think they are all that funny because my suitcase is damaged. or his is. i sort of thought the spiderman one was funny-ish.

Friday, October 07, 2005

movies aren't supposed to be 'real'

lots of people get all bent out of shape if something about a movie isn't plausible. that's not what you're supposed to do. you're supposed to be carried away by the story and allow it to speak to you on a deeper level-- like a dream. thus spoke carrie.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

my inner child took over

today i have been a total bum. i think i've just spent too much time being too serious and my inner child lost its will to live so it decided that today i would be totally irresponsible and do pretty much nothing all day. i watched m. night shyamalan's the village and i enjoyed it. it didn't suck as much as people said. i think they were just expecting something different. which is the whole point.

i want cute boots

like these are really cute but i don't want to spend $130 on them! Wah! why can't i be really rich and spoiled rotten?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i fell prey to urban legends

lately rumors have been circulating around here that mister rogers was a military sniper and i totally believed it and was telling people. i wanted to go and buy his biography and read all about it. i decided to look it up and there is nothing to confirm but plenty to debunk this and a few other celebrity/military urban legends about captain kangaroo, john denver and barney fife. tsk tsk tsk

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i feel so un-clever

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it is amazing how much crap i have to read these days. it seems like my brain could not possibly absorb anymore writings about ancient history like the second death of the roman empire and ancient greece and the romance languages and where are the kessarine straits? i swear, my brain is aswim with excess information. it's educational overload. as soon as i finish one assignment, it's on to the next. last night i dreamt that i was back working at the bank and everything was going wrong and i didn't remember how to do things efficiently and i couldn't remember much of anything.

a little less conversation, a little more action

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apparently, my blog has gone soft... not enough controversy to keep the masses entertained! i seem to have been preoccuppied lately with things like homework and eating food. however, i will say this: Carl Jung says, "It is possible for a woman to be so consumed by a need to mother that she has no identity separate from that archetypal pattern. The archetype consumes the woman in a compulsive way." so, BURN!

Monday, October 03, 2005


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my cat likes to take naps on my homework. maybe she is trying to help me. yesterday we went to rite aid to get flea medicine for the cats and i had just jumped out of bed and thrown some clothes on and didn't even look at myself in the mirror. scott noticed i had a big bird's nest of hair on the back of my head. i don't think that has happened before. it was funny, but embarrassing. we were both in our sweats and being grungy. then the cashier lady made a comment because we were both wearing college sweatshirts. she had surmised that we were big nerdy smart college dumboheads.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


i never saw the television show firefly, actually, i'd never really even heard of it before yesterday. i knew nothing of the story previous to having seen the movie. i'm not a big buffy or angel fan, either; but, i enjoyed this movie. it was fun and funny. it was good entertainment appropriate for most ages. the dialogue was interesting and clever. i also enjoyed the use of different dialects and unique language patterns among the different characters. i'm glad i saw this movie. i was thinking it's like the new Star Wars or something like that.