Thursday, June 30, 2005

Trivial Pursuit 90’s

What michelle pfieffer movie was given a boost by coolio’s song gangsta’s paradise? I said, “desperate education.” It was dangerous minds. Me: don’t roll, it’s still my turn. Scott: I just wanted to see if I remembered what it was like to roll! At this point I have four pies and he has one. I am a poor winner

i <3 my blog

even if everyone in the whole entire universe had a blog-- you still couldn't get any two that are exactly alike. this whole idea of originality is funny. we can't help but be original. even to copy someone is still an original act. sometimes i think to myself, just as i did this morning: my blog needs something. so, i start moving things around and then suddenly.... it is all different. and just yesterday, i thought: something is just wrong with my hair. so i just lopped off a section of it and now, i'm all better. i've been doing this thing at blog explosion (a way to direct traffic to your blog) called Battle of the Blogs. it is highly addictive! basically, it turns your blog into a pokemon and you battle other blogs and kick their bloggy butts! or, not. sometimes you lose, but either way it is fun. plus you get exposure for your own blog and are exposed to other blogs which can sometimes become such a rut that needs to be broken out of. free your mind and the rest will follow.

turn on the magic of colored lights

i made this loverly image with lite brite on-line. such talent, i know. you can make one, too, i reckon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

psychic mind-readings 101

today was the last day of class. tomorrow is the final. well, i was so enthralled with the lecture that my notes consist of the following psychic mind-readings that i performed on each and every member of my class who shall remain nameless, myself included. try and guess which one was me. i just looked at their faces and wrote as quickly as possible any impressions i had of what might be flitting through their minds at that particular moment in the space/time continuum.

"oh, this is all so novel and fun and cute" "i am so smirkily superior to these silly superstitions." "i will learn this! Every Detail!" "I'm bored because I totally already know all this stuff." "yeah-- i wonder what i'm gonna do this weekend" "wow. interesting. hmmm. cool stuff." "i'm pretending to listen, but thinking about what's for dinner." "i am so brilliant that i completely understand this and i agree with it all." "that girl bugs me so much" "my boobs are so hot" "how can i apply this to my feminist views?" "i disagree" "i'm the only one here who gets this" "yay, only one day of this crap left." "i wonder what lindsay lohan eats." "there must be something about this that i can argue against." "i can't wait to go home and play (insert pc rpg game here)" "how can i turn this into a blog post?" "hm-- there are 600 tiles on this ceiling"
i think that when someone says they think something is brilliant, they really think they are the one who is brilliant for saying so. :^P hard hat

jump on the bandwagon

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carry on

Image hosted by Not long ago, I blogged about how I’d had this realization that college has taught me to think like an Anthropologist. The thing I sort of neglected to mention was why I was coming to this realization—how it came about. In the Anthropology of Religion class I’m currently taking, I am the sole Anthropology major. Everyone else is taking it for some requirement or another, but they are not Anthropologists, per se. We have math majors and Religious Studies majors… and whatever else. Anyway, it is an interesting situation in which to find myself. Image hosted by What I’m getting at is that these people might at first glance seem to have irrelevant and uninteresting opinions compared with all my old fellow anth majors; however, that is not really the truth of the matter. They have much to teach me. The whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” adage seems to apply here. You never know what the person with whom you are speaking really is. This may have something to do with the fact that I just finished watching the very long, yet interesting movie Saint in which Val Kilmer has identity issues.

frickin' rad website alert

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

take a chance on me

sex and candy suddenly i have seen the light. i love abba. i never saw it until maybe just this week. and we watched Mariel's Wedding. great great fun!!! love love love it. let's see... what other stream-of-consciousness bloggy-type stuff can i throw atchya, this lovely eventide? let me check my notebook.... when i really like a movie and i watch it with someone else who's never seen it-- i get really bossy and pushy and annoying. i am generally annoying. i have had ppl say i remind them of drew barrymore's character in Never Been Kissed and also Mary-Catherine Gallagher from Superstar. It's SO embarrassing! I'm SUCH a dorkus miorkus.

read this post and the comments that follow. it is an enlightening discussion about creationism v. evolutionism. i will withhold my opinions in the interest of fairness? or laziness. one of the two. probably more just that i have de-evolved and am actually doing so at this very moment.

you know what opinions are like?

wicked game

what does it say about our society that we have to surgically change the appearance of our bodies in order to feel okay with who we are? yet, at the same time we run around calling out all the evil-doers for their inhumane treatment of women? the deal is not just to say: it is wrong that women have to be so mistreated. we must really wonder: why do we have to do this? and are people in other countries any more or less barbaric than we? i don't know why, i'm not very certain about anything, really? i think sometimes the more certain you are, the more chance you have of being wrong. this country is full of sleep-walkers. but there are some people who are mildly awake enough to recognize how effed-up it all is. Image hosted by Your search - breast implants mutilation - did not match any documents.

Monday, June 27, 2005

a dash of orange

Image hosted by Photobucket.comare we all like two-face? i especially am, but I'm a gemini, so i can't help it... it's not my fault. i'm actually overly self-conscious about not imposing on people. i play the aloof game. it's my control drama. this is all celestine prophecy talk, now. boy, i sure do run the gamut, don't i? when i speak in class, i get stage fright and start stumbling over my words and turning red and i come off like some sort of lamo, probably, because i can't get my point across cuz i'm usually in a big race to beat the heart attack i'm about to have if i don't hurry and stop talking and it is so frustrating cuz i have lots of cool and pertinent stuff to say, but.... i feel like a nincowpoop. bleh. THAT, folks, is why I blog. Image hosted by Photobucket.comTo be honest with you, I am interested in watching the Bewitched movie. For one thing, Shirley MacLaine is badical! I love her. Just to see her as Endora is worth even an evening movie price. so, i definitely want to see that. i think that nicole kidman, although she annoys me, is a good actress and that she actually looks like one of the tabithas from the original tv show. Image hosted by the more you know, the more humble you should become. arrogance is a sign of less knowledge. or less wisdom. humility is better. but everyone is at whatever stage he or she is at. me? i'm pretty arrogant. i really don't want to be. it shows in my insecurity and how easily my feathers are ruffled!!

whiskey tango

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

once bitten, twice shy

Image hosted by i bet when we were cavemen, the big status symbol was your tool. they were passed down from one generation to the next and certain clans had a certain kind of tool that was better because it was made from stone found on the sacred mountaintop. jealousy and disputes would arise-- which would lead to fighting usually to the death. in American Psycho it's business cards. i don't know how i went so long without ever having seen that movie? until now, that is. i love chloe sevigny. Image hosted by "I have to return some video tapes" --American Psycho

Sunday, June 26, 2005

i invented the internet

Image hosted by no really. because, when i was a kid, my parents got invited to listen to a sales pitch on this place called Thousand Trails, and if they listened to the pitch, they got a chance to win a bunch of free stuff. so, we got a "computer." yeah, riiiiiight. it was a keyboard, that is all. anyway, i got that keyboard home and plugged it into the television set in my parent's room and i kept typing stuff onto the screen. everytime i would hit "enter" it would say, "syntax error". i found myself honestly hoping that someone would respond to my typed messages. someone from somewhere else in the world or in the universe. and now, it has come to pass..... honestly, i don't take fullllll credit. but, my thoughts may have somehow contributed to the collective mindstream that helped to bring about the cultural evolution involved in the birth of the intrawebs.

revealing myself

  1. Useless::practical
  2. Radiant::dull
  3. W::moron
  4. Unpaid::free
  5. Geek::nerd
  6. Unfaithful::infidel
  7. Reboot::grrrr
  8. No!::why?
  9. Squad::dron
  10. Fetish::foot
why won't that 10 be the right color? the prompts are from unconscious mutterings. (see link at bottom of my sidebar)

that'll do

what do i look for in a blog? Image hosted by

+ i need at least daily updates, or i start to feel antsy. + images should be changed around on occasion. + ah, yes, and you need to have images. the internet is a visual medium. endless text can become one big blur. + variety in type and style of post. don't be afraid to mix it up a bit. surprise your readers. + it is nice when bloggers frequently share information regarding other interesting sites to check out. if you like their blog, you will probably like blogs that they enjoy. + a sense of humor is important. have one. + it's definitely important to read other blogs, if you want yours to be relevant in any way.

you person, you!

5 things hipsters need to understand: BY James 1. We are all connected 2. There are millions of wonderful, interesting things happening every second 3. You dont need to "be" anything to have a meaningful life 4. We are born with enough love and joy to last us the rest of our lives 5. Joy division is actually really boring. - - - - found a la busblog

Saturday, June 25, 2005

joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

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not funny "ha ha", funny "queer"

Image hosted by now that i'm becoming geriatric, i can't be as arrogant as i once was because so many of my brain cells have died. if i sit in between my mom and my grandma, there's this wormhole time warp thing that happens and i suddenly have early-onset Alzheimer's. it's a strange effect, let me tell ya. scott has a special talent which i admire, of being able to recognize actors very quickly when we are watching movies. he knows their names. not in a 'funny' way. more in a 'cool like dat' way. anyway, i'm impressed. i have to stop mixing boxed merlot with heavily msg-laden teriyaki sticks as a snack. i may as well just apply the fat directly to my lower body. it's just as bad a habit as smoking cigarettes. today, i mailed out a ton of stagnating sock monkeys-- so now, maybe, i can begin a new wave of sock monkeys.

Friday, June 24, 2005

i'll just live here forever

Image hosted by maybe the ascension will be aided by the internet? we can just ascend right out of this hideous crappy bleck bleck bleck. but it is not the actual world itself that sucks. or maybe it is. it is existence which is inevitably rife with tribulation. the reason i take lots of pictures of myself is to see what i look like and i never can see myself. i always think i look like a hideous monster. maybe that is how i feel half of the time. it seems like so much effort to be 'good.' and is it worth it, really, afterall? to deny oneself?

you can never go back

Image hosted by it is good to do a guest post when the opportunity presents itself. i am starving nigh unto death at this very moment. we might go camping this weekend, maybe. my first encounter with the world of blogging was janet's blog, over a year ago. my sister told me about it. she said something about had i ever heard of a blog? i wanted one of my own right away! when signing up at blogger, there was a headline mentioning that wil wheaton had a blog. having been a fan of his since stand by me, i started reading his blog. through his blog, i found meltingdolls. my life has not been the same since this particular chain of events. but, then, it never is. and, now, of course, my sister keeps a blog, too. she even updates it! janet's new blog

at least i amuse myself

Image hosted by Photobucket.comit is very difficult at this point in my life, really since i started college, i have had next to no interest in reading fiction. i just don't have the patience to pay attention to a storyline that develops from beginning to end. i like to be able to just pick up a book and open it and start reading anywhere. often, i like to read books from back to front. not so easy to do that with fiction. fiction makes you have to follow rules. also, i know that i do not want to have a blog that 'everyone' would like. just as i don't want everyone for a friend. i would like people with somewhat similar interests and mental wavelength to read my blog and leave comments. when reading other blogs, i am typically looking for inspiration. it's like my creativity radar is out there scoping the scene. just like with fashion. what's going on out there? how do i feel about it? does it interest me? really? for how long? if i had to be jailed in one room in a house, i would want it to be the kitchen. there's lots of stuff in there i could use to keep myself entertained.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

i have already won!

i have been approved for a lump sum payment of one million euro!

quote of the day

Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered -- either by themselves or by others. - Mark Twain

too wrong or too right

i've never really been a big fan of cigarettes. i've tried to get addicted to them at various tymes thinking it would be cool and make me skinnier or something. but, i just don't like cigarettes. i remember as a child squatting next to the ashtray while my mom left her cigarette burning and i tried to take a drag... cuz i thought smoking looked cool even then. my favorite movie of smoking is Billy Bathgate, which is hard to get on video lately. let alone the fact that video is an obsolete mode of format of blah blah blah. yeah. like albums. Image hosted by

i don't think you unworthy

Image hosted by there are not a lot of active bloggers from arcata listed on blogger. lame! lame lame lame lame lame. i guess i'm just on the cutting edge around here. or they are all way beyond blogger having already moved on to movable type or typepad or something about which i know next to nothing. i've been home from school for an hour now, just sort of de-fragmenting here. downloading jagged little pill songs, like some lame-o from the nineties.

"I nearly always write, just as I nearly always breathe." --steinbeck

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

baby's got some new rules

Image hosted by when people ramble off-topic in my classes, i try different ways to remain calm and civilized. sometimes, i just meditate or silently chant a mantra with my eyes closed while taking deep breaths. well, today, i decided to just take notes on their long-winded dissertations on matters almost entirely irrelevant to the subject at hand. or maybe, i'm impatient because i secretly think i'm the only one with anything worthwhile to add to the discussion! bratty snob that i must be.

my boyfriend lights his cigarettes with a blowtorch.

forrest grump

Image hosted by "we project our own sense of sinfulness onto others" circle of atonement projection is a strange phenomenon. steinbeck said some really rad stuff. i find reading his quotes very inspirational.

"We have never understood why men mount the heads of animals and hang them up to look down on their conquerers. Possibly it feels good to these men to feel superior to animals, but does it not seem that if they were sure of it they would not have to prove it? Often a man who is afraid must constantly demonstrate his courage and, in the case of the hunter, must keep a tangible record of his courage." ~ John Steinbeck (1902-1968) American novelist

10 things about me

1. lemons with salt are one of my favorite things to eat. 2. my favorite pizza is hawaiian. 3. classes after 2PM make me very very sleepy 4. i've kept a diary for as long as i remember. 5. listening to most music after dark freaks me out. 6. when i was little, my dad spanked me for gleefully stomping on ants. 7. i won first place in a spelling bee in fourth grade. 8. i was a banker for seven years of my life! 9. i used to have a cat named yo-yo ma. 10. i LOVE to sing!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

you aren't in sight

Image hosted by do you even ever know what you are really up to half of the time? cuz, if you do, then you are way ahead of the rest of us. listening to music is good. it's a terrific right and freedom. i want to go bowling soon and when i do, i will take pictures to share with the intrawebs. Image hosted by i'm a valley girl and i say "like" inordinately too much. i'm not good at math. cuz i'm too lazy. wine is good.

don't fear the reaper

Image hosted by blogs are the future. when i was a kid, i went to a christian school. actually, it was pentecostal. my parents were not religious in any way, however-- so my life had this real irony to it. i used to be afraid a lot. in fifth grade, in particular, i was the most afraid that jesus would come "like a thief in the night" and all the sinners would burn in a "lake of fire." yeah, i was traumatized as a child. anyway, some of that brainwashing still lingers around in this mind of mine. i have thought briefly, what if the internet is the biblical "beast?" and having a blog is the mark of the beast. aack. see? that school was like child abuse. i just had a flashback! also, i used to be afraid of the songs Another One Bites the Dust and Hotel California.