Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i like to drink orange juice sometimes

i like my new jeans. they are cool. they feel good. they are a faded black stretch boot leg from mossimo (target). cost $1. can't show u a pic cuz i left my camera at my mom's and now she has to mail it to me and i am camera-less. *gasp*
how is this possible? you ask.

it's been a tough couple of days, i'll tell ya. i've been wearing some really great outfits that look FANTASTIC on me and i can't immortalize this outfit on my blog, yet. but soon, my readers, soon.

a story

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

people love me

i guess that leaves me out on both accounts!!

i am always losing my tweezers and i have to have them or else i will go crazy.
oh wait, i'm already there.
i guess i don't have to go anywhere, then.

i dreamed something last night and it was in my head but now it is gone. maybe it will come back.

i remembered the novel i got the other day: The Life of Pi.

i am not in control of how people 'interpret' what i say. if i say someone's speaking voice sounds average like me.... is that an attack on them warranting an assault on me? no.

why do these people even CARE about my opinion? that's all it is? i'm not trying to shove it down anyone's throat. Tony printed my comment. sorry. it's just an opinion. deal with it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

i received this comment today

i have no idea what he is talking about in regard to torrance or his kid.

i guess the rest of it is pretty spot on, tho.

Back from Torrance, asshole? Make another rude comment about my kid and see what happens. I have been relatively nice to you, but I won't anymore. You are a dumpy fucking cow, who hates anyone who isn't as pathetic as you. Anytime someone gets any attention, you start acting out like a fucking three year old. Raymi gets an interview and you're right their to piss on her parade. Your sister gets a few compliments and you try to ruin her marriage. Additionally: You have absolutely NO sense of fashion or style, what so ever. Your outfits are frumpy and make you look like a fucking retarded bag lady. You have the writing skills of a dyslexic carnival barker with chronic diarhea of the mouth. You are a vindictive liar and are full of more shit than anyone I have encountered in years. You are trash on the landscape of humanity. Butchie | Edit comment Delete comment | Email | Homepage | 09.10.07 - 8:49 am | #

yay for macy*s, i guess.

going on a train ride
going on a bus ride.
going home.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

in which i ramble aimlessly

my mom and my aunt 'use' Mary Kay facial products and my aunt decided to switch to some other brand so she gave my mom all of her stuff, like my mom says it's worth $300.
and i asked my mom if i could have it and she said yes, cuz she doesn't really even use the supply that she already has, as it is.

i haven't washed my face yet this morning. i've been busy uploading pics and then i went to my grandma's house for fifteen minutes. she pointed out that whenever i come to her house i say how many minutes i am going to stay. and she asked me if i usually time myself. i kinda do... i remember doing it as a kid... i would feel like there was a certain and correct amount of time that things could take before i would start to feel like a caged animal, i guess. i dunno.

subway veggies and cheese.

i remember lots of people asking me why i was always looking at my watch. i like to see what time it is a lot. anyway. i decided to stop wearing a watch. at least that stopped me from constantly checking my watch, but there are clocks everywhere you go, so it doesn't really stop me from being that way.

i got three new tops, a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans and a cardigan for ten bucks total at a thrift store. i'll show the stuff to you soon, i am sure. have yet to take any pics today.

my grandma also said that i seemed jittery and like always kind of checking around me visually as though i am on high alert, maybe? i think i am hypervigilant regarding everything?

i drive that way, too. constantly checking all around me. which is good.

i got three books. an aromatherapy book. i feel like i'm just curious to read that one and see what it says... it was free anyway. a book of and on Haiku...

and a novel.... my memory fails me as to the title. i'm sure i'll tell you later when i find out.

and we went to the mall.
all i can say is that i don't pay retail for clothing, with rare exception, in any case. i just check the styles and then buy the clothes at thrift stores.

a shovel short of a tool shed

sorry, i had to pee.

yesterday we went to this really cool cambodian buddhist temple which has recently completed a massive collection of sculptures which are really amazing to see.

i still have to upload them so BE PATIENT! I took a lot of photos.

also yesterday, i spent a great deal of the day soul-searching so i can make the right choices and know what the right choice IS and stick with that! DAMN. Why can't I get away with being a hypocrite like other people do????

damn conscience. no. damned consequences.

country drive (riding on the metro)

Friday, September 07, 2007

silly me

i am very annoyed because last night, while i was cleaning the house, since i do not have a garbage disposal, i flushed some old,cooked potato and carrot chunks down the toilet and now the toilet is STILL clogged no matter how much i plunge it and i am PISSED. hopefully it will eventually dissolve. i'm sure it will.

what a life

here is a cute and funny little excerpt of Get Smart where Max & 99 meet The Sacred Cows. it's cool.

i did not actually go on my trip yesterday, as planned and will be traveling today, instead.

we watch a lot of children's programing on television, and there are certain shows that scott and i both HATE for whatever reason. like, there is something about Gina on Sesame Street that isn't right. The morning host on PBS Sprout's Let's Go show and some shows on Baby First TV are inCREDIBLY annoying. The balloon twister guy seems pervy and like someone i wouldn't want my child hanging around, sorry. he reminds me of the lead singer of matchbox twenty mixed with my old roommate from arcata, who was known as a 'ladies man' but that is because he was a closet case, in my opinion. his balloons are like phallus'.

what else.... Angelina Ballerina is a waste of airspace. Thomas the Tank Engine is the most boring show ever invented. There is also some very strange show about a tractor which continually displays inappropriate facial expressions for the circumstances. his eyebrows only move up and down but they look angry half the time and that show is BOREsville.

also there is this show that sings a song called "oh my my, shushybye" and any time that comes on, we both dash for the remote control to mute it and change the channel immediately before that STUPID song gets stuck in our heads for the day.

scott hates the show Caillou but it doesn't bother me. and i do not like pigglywinks or sagwa the chinese saimese cat, except for the opening songs. Sophie feels the same way.
i also find dragon tales to be really stupid and boring. so is jay jay the jetplane.

tilly knock-knock is really funny because they make this big deal out of "who could be knocking at my door?" for like fifteen minutes and then they finally let the person in and it is just really really silly. it's like, if you stood around for fifteen minutes after someone knocked on your door, debating who it could be, they'd like so totally leave before you finally answered.

on Sprout TV's the Good Night Show, Nina is like an android, i think... and "STAR" her little plush puppet friend is really annoying, too. Scott and I are unanimous that Star is annoying and we want to punch him. but sophie loves them both.

for some reason i like the show Bonnie Bear. i wish i could revamp both of those channels' programming, myself! The main thing that is very obvious is that we have the tv on these channels too much because it is beginning to drive us both insane!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

we don't need another hero

this isn't even all of my stuff. i can't find my dream matte crap.

never eat entenmann's Softees Powdered Donuts. They ARE EVIL.

in the entire universe

some people don't like clowns.

so like, what if you bought someone an object depicting a clown for whom you had no knowledge of their phobia?

my life is in a state of crisis or near-crisis.

not a good thing.

why do things happen?

i work for ups, now.

i wore this outfit for most of the day, yesterday, until i went for a walk and got all hot and sweaty and had to take a bath and change my clothes when i got home. our house is much cooler inside than it is outside (just naturally) so i get this false sense of the weather until i go somewhere else, like the store or the post office... you know.

today i am going to be riding on a bus and a train to go visit my mom and stuff.

i hope everything is good and turns out for the best for all concerned!!!!!

oh, i took some pics of the big fire that is near here.

oh and a pic of me in art class, again.

this was before i did some more work on the painting. i think i made it look worse, tho.?? you can't tell cuz you can't see it, yet. but, uh... someone told me that the piece of driftwood looks like a wishing well vortex black hole type of thing and it freaks them out. at first i thought they were saying it looks like a Whale! and i was like? maybe a cross-section view of a beached whale? but it wasn't Whale, it was Well. and i need to 'get smart'