Sunday, September 02, 2007

multi-ficky fick

i love to water the lawn with this adjustable hose sprinkle thing. i like to set it on 'shower' and then pretend that it is raining. I set it to different settings for different situations. I love the 'mist' setting. It is so awesome. You can barely feel it. I like to see the rainbows and see the plants being happier. Sometimes I even shoot the sprayer up into the trees, thinking the trees would like to be sprayed, too. I also like how it makes it smell like it rained, too. Now I'm starting to think that fall is upon us and what will be the transition in the garden... until its gradual, annual hibernation for three months under the snow.

other than that, i tried on this skirt that i always used to enjoy wearing before i got pregnant and now it fits me better than ever, really. that makes me feel happy. thus the many pictures.

i hate when i accidentally close the wrong browser window.