Thursday, September 06, 2007

i work for ups, now.

i wore this outfit for most of the day, yesterday, until i went for a walk and got all hot and sweaty and had to take a bath and change my clothes when i got home. our house is much cooler inside than it is outside (just naturally) so i get this false sense of the weather until i go somewhere else, like the store or the post office... you know.

today i am going to be riding on a bus and a train to go visit my mom and stuff.

i hope everything is good and turns out for the best for all concerned!!!!!

oh, i took some pics of the big fire that is near here.

oh and a pic of me in art class, again.

this was before i did some more work on the painting. i think i made it look worse, tho.?? you can't tell cuz you can't see it, yet. but, uh... someone told me that the piece of driftwood looks like a wishing well vortex black hole type of thing and it freaks them out. at first i thought they were saying it looks like a Whale! and i was like? maybe a cross-section view of a beached whale? but it wasn't Whale, it was Well. and i need to 'get smart'