Monday, September 10, 2007

i received this comment today

i have no idea what he is talking about in regard to torrance or his kid.

i guess the rest of it is pretty spot on, tho.

Back from Torrance, asshole? Make another rude comment about my kid and see what happens. I have been relatively nice to you, but I won't anymore. You are a dumpy fucking cow, who hates anyone who isn't as pathetic as you. Anytime someone gets any attention, you start acting out like a fucking three year old. Raymi gets an interview and you're right their to piss on her parade. Your sister gets a few compliments and you try to ruin her marriage. Additionally: You have absolutely NO sense of fashion or style, what so ever. Your outfits are frumpy and make you look like a fucking retarded bag lady. You have the writing skills of a dyslexic carnival barker with chronic diarhea of the mouth. You are a vindictive liar and are full of more shit than anyone I have encountered in years. You are trash on the landscape of humanity. Butchie | Edit comment Delete comment | Email | Homepage | 09.10.07 - 8:49 am | #