Friday, September 07, 2007

what a life

here is a cute and funny little excerpt of Get Smart where Max & 99 meet The Sacred Cows. it's cool.

i did not actually go on my trip yesterday, as planned and will be traveling today, instead.

we watch a lot of children's programing on television, and there are certain shows that scott and i both HATE for whatever reason. like, there is something about Gina on Sesame Street that isn't right. The morning host on PBS Sprout's Let's Go show and some shows on Baby First TV are inCREDIBLY annoying. The balloon twister guy seems pervy and like someone i wouldn't want my child hanging around, sorry. he reminds me of the lead singer of matchbox twenty mixed with my old roommate from arcata, who was known as a 'ladies man' but that is because he was a closet case, in my opinion. his balloons are like phallus'.

what else.... Angelina Ballerina is a waste of airspace. Thomas the Tank Engine is the most boring show ever invented. There is also some very strange show about a tractor which continually displays inappropriate facial expressions for the circumstances. his eyebrows only move up and down but they look angry half the time and that show is BOREsville.

also there is this show that sings a song called "oh my my, shushybye" and any time that comes on, we both dash for the remote control to mute it and change the channel immediately before that STUPID song gets stuck in our heads for the day.

scott hates the show Caillou but it doesn't bother me. and i do not like pigglywinks or sagwa the chinese saimese cat, except for the opening songs. Sophie feels the same way.
i also find dragon tales to be really stupid and boring. so is jay jay the jetplane.

tilly knock-knock is really funny because they make this big deal out of "who could be knocking at my door?" for like fifteen minutes and then they finally let the person in and it is just really really silly. it's like, if you stood around for fifteen minutes after someone knocked on your door, debating who it could be, they'd like so totally leave before you finally answered.

on Sprout TV's the Good Night Show, Nina is like an android, i think... and "STAR" her little plush puppet friend is really annoying, too. Scott and I are unanimous that Star is annoying and we want to punch him. but sophie loves them both.

for some reason i like the show Bonnie Bear. i wish i could revamp both of those channels' programming, myself! The main thing that is very obvious is that we have the tv on these channels too much because it is beginning to drive us both insane!!!