Sunday, September 09, 2007

in which i ramble aimlessly

my mom and my aunt 'use' Mary Kay facial products and my aunt decided to switch to some other brand so she gave my mom all of her stuff, like my mom says it's worth $300.
and i asked my mom if i could have it and she said yes, cuz she doesn't really even use the supply that she already has, as it is.

i haven't washed my face yet this morning. i've been busy uploading pics and then i went to my grandma's house for fifteen minutes. she pointed out that whenever i come to her house i say how many minutes i am going to stay. and she asked me if i usually time myself. i kinda do... i remember doing it as a kid... i would feel like there was a certain and correct amount of time that things could take before i would start to feel like a caged animal, i guess. i dunno.

subway veggies and cheese.

i remember lots of people asking me why i was always looking at my watch. i like to see what time it is a lot. anyway. i decided to stop wearing a watch. at least that stopped me from constantly checking my watch, but there are clocks everywhere you go, so it doesn't really stop me from being that way.

i got three new tops, a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans and a cardigan for ten bucks total at a thrift store. i'll show the stuff to you soon, i am sure. have yet to take any pics today.

my grandma also said that i seemed jittery and like always kind of checking around me visually as though i am on high alert, maybe? i think i am hypervigilant regarding everything?

i drive that way, too. constantly checking all around me. which is good.

i got three books. an aromatherapy book. i feel like i'm just curious to read that one and see what it says... it was free anyway. a book of and on Haiku...

and a novel.... my memory fails me as to the title. i'm sure i'll tell you later when i find out.

and we went to the mall.
all i can say is that i don't pay retail for clothing, with rare exception, in any case. i just check the styles and then buy the clothes at thrift stores.