Sunday, March 26, 2006

sometimes i'm a martyr

this morning, i went to mcdonalds and i didn't want to wait in the really long drive-thru line, so i went in to order. i had to wait so long for my order to come up that i started to think maybe they forgot about me or something and i started to feel really stupid. i thought, i should go up to them and say something. but then i thought, no... they know about my order. they should have said something to me, like, "it'll be right up" or something. there was an old man there who was also waiting for a long time, like me. they walked right up to him and gave him a complimentary meal card in front of me. they said it was for the long wait. to me, they just gave me my food and the girl said, "sorry about the wait." i guess that old man was more important. but, i didn't say anything. i could have. but i didn't. then when i went outside, there was a homeless man who asked for my change, and i gave him 79 cents.