Thursday, March 23, 2006

we are born innocent

i was remembering this one time when i was in like second grade or something and it was back in the days of the original valley girl. people used to use words/phrases like grody, radical, totally tubular, and "to-the-max". well, my cousin Danny, who was a year younger than me... said "grody to the max --i pads" IN FRONT OF MY MOM! i about died! i remember it being a momentous occasion to me. i was very innocent/niave/prudish as a child.
one time, i was repeating something my mom had said and i accidentally used the word "shit" and i was mortified. everyone thougt it was funny, but i started crying because i felt like i'd lost my innocence. the same thing happened one christmas when my grandma put a can of aerosol deodorant in my Christmas Stocking! how embarrassing. i ran off to my room, crying. i'm such a nerd.