Tuesday, May 31, 2005


"I'm not happy. I'm not lucky. And I don't go." --Jerry Seinfeld
So my class was okay. it reminded me that i have never really been a big fan of the australian accent or people who use their hands in a funny, long-fingernail type way. Actually, as a child I liked the latter and I do enjoy the Crocodile Hunter. Image hosted by Photobucket.com Actually, though, I like my teacher. I'm the only Anthropology major in the class, everyone else is just taking it for a requirement. So that will be cool. Usually all my classes have the exact same people in them, and since my classes are pretty much all in the same room... it gets only a wee teense monotonous. But really, I am glad to be back in school. I'm just freaking out now, trying to make sure I have my textbook cuz we already have to have a chapter read by tomorrow.
"We always want to make sure we're popular and well-liked by a large group of people we don't care for." --Seinfeld