Tuesday, April 10, 2007

can ya dig?

there are always multiple sides to any story. we all know this. i have my experience and that is all that's real to me. many people are this way. we are all experiencing our own individual reality and it seems the realest, doesn't it? our life seems the most important.

i know what i think and if some random stranger who has no idea of the entire picture thinks something else, that is meaningless to me, it doesn't even faze me. you don't exist to me.

my experience is no less valid just because someone i have never met has developed in incorrect impression of me and my life, whatever their reasoning may be, i know my life. some random person is generally not going to be able to influence my thinking strongly enough to change what i see and what i know. unless they are like a prophet of God or something. are you a prophet of God? actually, everyone is because everything is God.
~~even gayfercated gaywads who deem themselves in a position to judge my life based on minimal information.

so thank you. thank you for being what you are. it's all the same in the end.

are you a hater/hatee? or should you jump off that train, jack?