Thursday, April 05, 2007

save the drama

now that the weather is amenable, i've been going for several walks a day. it's nice outside and an interesting diversion. makes me feel good, too. i'm not just some lazy slob, people! i can't believe the way people give me no credit, sometimes.

has anyone else noticed a huge upsurge in the spider population where you are? there sure is one here.

i really think i would like to have a small companion dog like a little chihuahua.

one time, when i was working in banking (my old, hated career), i had a boss who was less experienced and also younger than me and it was a pain in the ass, let me tell you. she and another employee really liked eachother and they both hated me and would be total bitches, like at lunch, they'd go out together and never ask me (not that i wanted to go because they were annoying lame-o's) or if they went on a coffee/smoothie run, they would get them for eachother and never ask me.

ANYway, these stupid hoes were trying to get me fired and i got so pissed one time that i quit and when HR called me they gave me a second chance by having me go work at a different location and AFTER ALL WAS SAID AND DONE? I GOT A PROMOTION and those two GAYS got FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOT!

they had been spreading rumors about me and everyone found out how awesome i actually was and they got the shaft. TOO HILARIOUS!

anyway, i'm kinda used to that shit. it happens to me a lot.