Thursday, April 19, 2007

you're unique just like everyone else

i don't like namaste yoga anymore. it is WAY too repetetive and limiting. all they ever do is cat poze over and over and bridge pose. it's like HELLO! i am bored half out of my skull here!

today i ended up doing the workout that came on after it because my body was not satisfied and the new workout was awesome. it felt so good. i was doing crunches and it was the best feeling ever. just that feeling of aliveness, like you are a flower striving to bloom. i am addicted to exercise now. if i keep this up for a couple more weeks it will be a full-blown habit. yeah. and i will crave it. which i already am starting to. it's like i inhabit my body more and my consciousness or awareness of my body is more thorough.

and it's a good thing, too, since i am so morbidly obese and all.