Wednesday, April 18, 2007

yum yum

some people who were moving to japan gave scott's mom the contents of their kitchen pantry and a lot of it was stuff from japan (e.g., labels written in japanese), so we have to guess what it is. she gave us a ton of it cuz there was too much and there were a lot of different kinds of interesting teas. there were these one things that i thought were tea for a really long time, but i didn't know what kind of tea so i never opened it. last night, i opened it and it was not tea. it is some sort of powder with seeds? and seaweed and it smells like the ocean and dried mushrooms so i thought it must be a little single serving packet of miso soup or something? so i made some and it tasted like briney ocean water. scott said he would never eat something if he had no idea what it was whatsoever. so then i dumped it out cuz it really wasn't good. here is what the package looks like. you'd think it would be yummy since the guy is licking his lips.

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