Tuesday, April 24, 2007

last night i was watching taxicab confessions on bravo and it made me feel like people are gross and delusional. it's very interesting the way they just start announcing their life story to the cab driver (who is nobody you would ever talk to in any normal situation). one of the things it really made abundantly clear to me is that sex makes people STUPID! really really stupid. or at least it makes them act stupid and say stupid things. people who think of themselves as animals or something. i don't know. like this one guy who was in a band had just met up with this busty blonde and he was all "i PICKED her OUT. she is DIFFERENT because I CAME to HER." yeah, most girls i have one night stands with aren't special but THIS ONE IS. they were all hot and heavy for eachother but the body language changed a bit when this part of the conversation came up and the driver started asking more personal questions. those two should feel used in every possible way.