Friday, April 20, 2007

i'm eating some sweetened dried cranberries right now. i basically haven't eaten anything yet this morning. had some coffee. i've just been really busy. i get up, have to change and feed the baby, start working on building a fire, then i did some dishes that i left from yesterday and then i exercised, took a shower. fed the cats. i even cooked dinner.

so then scott is harping at me about going to susanville to go shopping and he's pissing me off because he doesn't seem to ever give me any mental space, physical space, emotional space. i find myself retreating more and more into my own little world just to get some space. i never ever get a break from the day in and day out life of a housewife, basically. and he's always home, too. a recipe for insanity, if you ask me.

blogging is often a way for me to just think and feel like i've sorted myself out somehow. it's an outlet for me emotionally and creatively and it's just my ME space. but i really hate the feeling of being rushed or pressured to fit myself into someone else's agenda. i have my own agenda, thank you. if you don't want to compromise than do your shit by yourself.