Monday, April 16, 2007

except you

ohemgee, i just heard a violent femmes riff on a frickin hamburger commercial. well i mean that is cool and not cool. i never would have thought i would see this day. nope. not when i was 18 listening to violent femmes, especially.

we went to eagle lake, which was completely deserted, and walked around a bit. i took some pics. then a white truck shows up looking very offical just as we are leaving. hm. they must have had their eye on us, i bet.

our neighbor knocked on the door this morning, asking if we'd keep an eye on his dogs if he left them out while he went shopping. we agreed and then later, when he went, i guess he'd thought better of it and put the dogs in cuz they weren't out and we never heard anything about it after that. weird. -ish.