Thursday, April 05, 2007

you're my best friend.

Photo Hosted at Buzznet
this can was at the cemetery with a bunch of old rusty beer cans from some bender someone had in the cemetery a hundred years ago when their dog died or something.

even though i have known for many years that i can pretty much paint anything atall and make it look good with very little difficulty, i've usually felt that i don't always feel like it~! it seems like i don't have any control over when i feel like it or when i don't. so whenever i DO feel like it, i jump at the chance.

other musicians i have drawn: bob dylan, jimi hendrix, bob marley.

it is really nice and somewhat motivating, however, to have the feedback of people appreciating my ability... makes me want to do more. but then i get scared. this always happens. performance anxiety gets me every time. but it is always nice to see how much other people enjoy and appreciate my ability (because i am so self-critical-- 'too hard on yourself' a teacher once said.)