Monday, April 02, 2007

i <33333 ironyyy!!! LAWLZ!

we watched children of men last night, finally.
it was cool. interesting. not bad. i had interesting and insightful thoughts about it while i was watching it, but since i did not write them down, they are now flitting about unsupervised in the ether.

yesterday i made some kind of dinner that was reminiscent of cafeteria food. we've been postponing a big shopping trip cuz it's a three hour ordeal every time and that is such a pain in the arse. so, i just used random canned goods to make some sort of stew casserole thing. it looked kind of like regurgitated cat food.
but it was edible. mostly it was vegetable soup with corned beef. haha.

stay tuned to this blog for more fascinating things to ponder are sure to grace you in the near future.