Tuesday, April 03, 2007

she literally made me puke

last night i think that i had an anxiety attack that made me vomit.
i am not sure that is what happened but here is how it went down.

scott and i both ate pizza and were chillin and he was outside smoking a cigarette and the phone rang and it was a southern girl asking me questions for a survey about new moms or something like that. at first i thought it would be kind of fun, novel... but then as her questions kept coming at me, with supplied answers and i would say "yes, yes, yes, no" and i don't like to say the word "yes" in telemarketing conversaions because i think they will record it and use it to say yes to something else that i never said yes to.

anyway, as the inquisition went on i began to feel queasy and i kept thinking to myself it's almost over, i'm sure.... and feeling more and more impatient for this to just END suddenly i felt waves of nausea overcoming me and i interrupted her, "i'm sorry, i'm feeling sick i have to go." she didn't like that. she said, "ma'am, we're at the end!" i apologized and hung up.

then i puked and took a bath and i felt just fine and since my pizza was no longer in my stomach, i had some more and was fine.