Saturday, March 13, 2004

Boletus Edulis Today I collected agate at Agate beach. On a different hike today, collected three mushroom specimens to identify. They were great mushrooms. I left them in the trunk of my mom's car, however. They should be safe there until tomorrow. I'm pretty sure two of them are Boletus, but I really have no knowledge on which to base this idea. My sister and I did a little shopping. I got a pair of "wraparound pants." I've always wanted some. Actually, I was going to make some once, but never got a "round tuit." Now, however, I could use this pair as a pattern. I'm proud of the fact that I paid $15 for them at a usually very overpriced boutique that was having a sale. That makes it all the cooler. I finally found a Nag Champa sachet. I got the store's last one, but they'll be getting more in soon. GOOD. I want to put them in my drawers and in my closets. The main reason: I live on the coast and the air is kind of damp in my apartment, ergo; musty closet/drawers. Oy! Earlier I had an Iced Chai and some coffee cake at Muddy Waters, a great little coffee shop. My brother called it a "Hobbit House." The Chai was delicious. By lunchtime I was ravenous and I ate way too much of some fish-n-chips at a little place in Trinidad. No need for dinner after that! The huge chunks of cod were very fresh and I drenched them in malt vinegar!