Saturday, March 27, 2004

my day

Today, I went out and about on the town. I left intending to buy Atticus (my son) his birthday present. His birthday is April 4th! I got him a Gameboy Advance game called Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Also, I got him some fake fossils which are really cool. And some fake tattoos of Chinese characters. I am tempted to steal one. So, anyway... I went to the mall in Eureka. It is not the most exciting mall. I had ordered Wil Wheaton's book at Border's and they said that they can't get it!!!! NOT FAIR! I'll see if my mom can order it for me on Amazon. Let's see... what else? I bought a cheap pair of sunglasses. Actually, they were under $6 but originally priced at $30, so that's nice. I got a book by Franz Kafka called The Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony and other stories. Last night I went to the movies and saw Taking Lives. It was ok. I want to see The Ladykillers, too. Anyway.... now I am going to catch the bus and go home to see if I have any messages on the phone inviting me to go do something fun. If not, I'll just have a beer and do some reading. BYE BYE!