Thursday, June 02, 2005

why do i bother?

why do i blog? i do not know. just cuz i want to, i guess. it is a repetition compulsion for addictive personalities. humans do what they do. i have no chin. i need a chin implant. but, plastic surgery is not what i want to do for myself. as a general idea, i'm against it. People don't really look that much different after surgery anyway... just less human. besides, if you fix one thing, it just accentuates the other stuff you'll need to fix after that... and everyone ends up looking like michael jackson. as you can see, it can get pretty bad. I don't want to be someone other than who i am. you know, my parents made me and their parents made them. shouldn't i honor who i am? would you want to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself? would an increase in the distance from my chin to my throat really change my life for the better? it's silly. and some people actually request to have renee zellwegger's lips! are they crazy? yes. but it only takes 30 minutes to slip a piece of rubber under the skin on the chin. oh well, i don't have the money anyway. i should just grow a beard to hide it! hee hee!!!!! boxed thoughts is super neato it's like a quilt or a beautifully woven tapestry