Friday, June 24, 2005

at least i amuse myself

Image hosted by Photobucket.comit is very difficult at this point in my life, really since i started college, i have had next to no interest in reading fiction. i just don't have the patience to pay attention to a storyline that develops from beginning to end. i like to be able to just pick up a book and open it and start reading anywhere. often, i like to read books from back to front. not so easy to do that with fiction. fiction makes you have to follow rules. also, i know that i do not want to have a blog that 'everyone' would like. just as i don't want everyone for a friend. i would like people with somewhat similar interests and mental wavelength to read my blog and leave comments. when reading other blogs, i am typically looking for inspiration. it's like my creativity radar is out there scoping the scene. just like with fashion. what's going on out there? how do i feel about it? does it interest me? really? for how long? if i had to be jailed in one room in a house, i would want it to be the kitchen. there's lots of stuff in there i could use to keep myself entertained.