Tuesday, June 14, 2005

don't feed the monkeys

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI have not been doing much in the way of exercising for the past six months. Last time I took yoga, I started to resist going because it really puts you in a position where you are faced with the things in yourself from which you have been running. My sister recently went to a yoga class and had an experience similar to the first time I went to a zen meditation group. I remember having the same feeling of wanting desperately to just LEAVE! Just get the heck out of dodge! it's that monkey mind. it wants to run around crazily, not sit still and focus! Anyway, this article about it is interesting. Oh, and my boyfriend says that they taught him about the monkey mind in sniper school... how sometimes you'll be lying in the same position for hours, days even, and you're not allowed to move. Your mind starts doing all kinds of effed up things to you. His big thing was ants. Even if there weren't ants, he'd imagine ants and he could feel them crawling all over him. I laughed when he told me this and he said, "It sucks. It's not funny." Other than that, I'd like to offer my two cents about the Michael Jackson case. He's psychologically messed up and needs serious therapy to correct his wrong thinking.