Thursday, June 16, 2005

feral cheryl

Image hosted by Have you ever heard of Feral Cheryl? She's Australia's answer to the Barbie. no, not the kind you put shrimp on! har har. My current teacher is Australian. She's an interesting and funny lady. recently, i've noticed that my brain has been narrowed. by being an anthropology major. well, what i mean to say is: I THINK like an Anthropologist, now. i used to not think like an anthropologist. but now i actually know the meaning of words like exegesis, hegemony, emic, and the difference between primal and world religions. it's just something i noticed. there was a time when these meanings were not in my head and now they are. someday we'll prolly be able to just download it all. mutate and become part human part machine. just like Vaspers the Great says.