Sunday, February 11, 2007

doomsday is upon us

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i think maybe we will go to the movies today while we have an opportunity to see something good. children of men, perhaps?
MTV is evidence of the disgusting decadence of this country.
shows like my super sweet 16 and the hills are fascinating to me because they point out what is going on with the values of the next generation.
for one thing, you know, all that matters is how you look: END result. it's not your genes that are the issue, because that can all be tampered with.
it's certainly not any kind of moral or ethical issue that matters to kids today.
the ONLY thing that is important is how you look. you could be the most evil person on the planet, but if you are hot (and especially a hot female) you are ALL SET.
conclusion? there is nothing i could do with my life that would be more impactful than having a total overhaul plastic surgery-wise. additionally, if i spent all of my spare money and time on my appearance, such as working out and going to salons etcetera, THAT is what would really make a difference in my life because THAT is the only way to be noticed in this god-forsaken society.