Thursday, February 15, 2007

um....? you smell!

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i've been on a super duper cleaning streak lately. you can pretty much clean continually if you want to. i find it kind of zen.
i got tired of my arnold smoking a J gif.
it is gone, now.

in my art class, people still kept saying something smelled like rotten cheese and they kept sniffing different things and saying, "i think it's this. here, smell."
i guess no one figured out what it was, but i made sure that it wasn't me because i took a shower, blowdried my hair, put on smelly hair junk, smelling good lotion, clean clothes, different boots and EVERYTHING and THEN i sprayed myself with fabric refresher. and i was chewing peppermint gum. so, unless there is something rotten in my bag of which i am unaware, and i don't think there is, then it CAN'T be ME!!!!!!