Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day

i have gotten to where i have no desire to go to my art class. i guess i just find it kind of not very compelling. none of the people taking the class actually interest me, really. the whole thing has sort of lost its charm. i missed class yesterday cuz we were out of town still. which also means i missed the night class, which i am not required to attend, but it's sort of to make up any missed classes, which i need to do.
my head itches. i hate that. i used dandruff shampoo last night, but it seems like it itches worse from that. it is probably from changing climates so much in the past week. we went from dry and cold to wet and windy to really really wet and back to the dry and cold again.
if i knew i had something cool to wear, i might be more interested in leaving the house. i have red knee highs and my boots... i should try to dress up for valentines day. the baby will: she is wearing pink pants and a pink and red striped shirt. i LOVE dressing up babies. especially girl babies. they have the cutest clothes in the world.

okay, that is my rambling for now.

until we meet again.