Tuesday, February 20, 2007

school daze

my art teacher brought this cake to the high school class to celebrate birthdays.
it is trippy to be in that class because i am an outsider and so have no attachment to whatever is going on there. so i find it all amusing, but the kids seem to care little about that class as being an actual class. they don't take it seriously.

the biggest problem seems to be that everyone wants to joke around constantly or be talking about stuff like how this one girl can get another girl a date for prom because there's these two guys she knows who can't go with their girlfriends, so they need someone to go with so they will pose as your date and dance with you so they can get in.
this one girl there? her nickname is 'troll' it even says so on her school sweatshirt. they wear those a lot here.
this one girl was saying how she thinks she is probably going to become a serial killer. nobody seemed to take that seriously, tho.