Saturday, February 10, 2007

what do you know?

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i hardly got any sleep last night and it is YOUR fault!
no, not really.
i was reading Lolita, because it is practically un-put-downable and also my little baby would not stop crying because we are not at home and she doesn't like sleeping by herself in an unfamiliar house.

it is fun and cool to look at my little sisters' seventeen magazine.

i have allergies.

anyway, Lolita is interestingly written. the writing actually feels very modern, to me. lots of wordplay which is so cool but you totally have to be alert and pay attention or you would miss the subtleties. it seems almost like the dude is schizophrenic. maybe he is/was. i don't know.

and YES, you know what? as i was growing up, the women in my family all became fat. they were only skinny as teenagers. then they always had weight problems. i NEVER wanted to be that way and actually have always been naturally thin. this is the first time in my life that i have been more than 10 pounds over my normal weight. it's because my METABOLISM changed. OK?

and even if i did want to talk about food all day and blog about food all day and eat food all day and still feel uncomfortable about my weight THAT IS MY right to do so. I AM a very illogical person. so there. huh?