Saturday, February 03, 2007

i <3 leo

blood diamond was very good. i felt all sad and you know, angsty afterward. i mean yes for the whole thing, but also just cuz of leo... *sigh* he's the dreamiest.

no, but seriously, he is so good because it's about survival and he plays that survival instinct so well... always has... ever since GROWING PAINS. do you remember?
i do.
i love his accent. it is sexy when he talks like that.
i'm in love with him.
that is RIDICULOUS and stupid so i can't even talk about it!
sorry. i'm really not serious.

the movie made me think lots of things. like it calls into question the entire human understanding of morality. like, people always ask how could god let this happen? is there a god? is there really such a thing as good and evil?

i just drank a budweiser. just: ew. it's foamy. fills you up. does let you down.