Saturday, February 03, 2007

twilight zone-ish

that song barracuda has been stuck in my head for days.\

heart barracuda 1977 (3:57)

i want to get a haircut!

i almost tripped over a cord two times in a row this evening.
i just noticed that i had benadryl anti itch medicated cream sitting right in a basket on the back of my toilet all this time. but now i'm using it and it is still coming in handy.
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the movie theater we went to today was really small and had a screen that was literally a quarter of the size of a normal movie screen. it was weird cuz it was in an unmarked door in a strange hallway and when you walked INTO the theater, you were basically right in front of the screen and then couldn't see ANYTHING and had to stand there like a retard while everyone else who can see cuz their eyes are already adjusted is just staring at you and you can't see their faces.
that was weird.