Tuesday, February 06, 2007

something at art class

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it is cool to have the high school kids commenting on my hamburger painting. they say it makes them hungry.

this one girl with hot pink hair who seems a little unusual-ish, gave me a little post-it note asking me to paint her a picture of a taco, an enchilada and a bean wearing a sombrero. hmmmm. she says she'd pay me ten or twenty bucks.
i'll have to ask her more about what she envisions. heh.

i think i'd like to get a couple prints made of it (the hamburger one).

a girl in class was talking about how this guy she knows hears in colors. so like, he said her voice is light blue and more feminine than he'd expected. also someone was telling her that she needs to write in a more male/less feminine voice. i suggested she look in a men's magazine like GQ or Maxim. and then they were like, maxim is semi-porn.