Friday, February 09, 2007

i am irritated. always.

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is it wrong to wear your mom's perfume?
it just seems like maybe it is.
she had this bath and body works midnight pomegranate and i put some on and now i'm like, i smell like my mom. y'know? it's just the principle of the thing, i guess.

i am like having trouble coming to terms with not having lost any weight really, since the baby was born. it's almost been a year. however there was the huge decline in my activity level.

scott thinks that is just how i am going to stay, now. for the rest of my life.
i think that is a ridiculous notion.

i'm not comfortable at this weight.
i weigh more than my boyfriend does. that is just wrong.

i keep wanting to talk about it in mixed company but then i decide it is not appropriate and keep my mouth shut.
like, i just want to announce to people that this is not acceptable for me.

so then scott says, well just put sophie in the backpack and walk for like twenty minutes a day and he guarantees me that within a month i will notice a difference.