Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the details are top secret

palette i've worked a little on two paintings today. the small hot dog conceptual piece and the gwen stefani portrait. i struggle in my painting with letting go of my source pic. my teacher told me when i was working on the hamburger painting that it was time to throw out the foto i was working from and just trust my instincts. AAAack! it's hard to let go.
breakfastfoodbaby talking to jerry but when i see other paintings like say a still life of an onion that is maybe blurry or smudgy, i like the way it looks. but it seems like i cling to the desire to recreate what i see. but maybe that is just my 'style' and not something to worry so much about.

bikepoles yellow stripesbridge, stream perhaps you have noticed my tendency to be overly analytical? today i made a homemade tuna noodle casserole i went for a bike ride that was more strenuous than i've had in a long time. my legs are sore from doing lots of lunges and squats yesterday. my grandma warned me that i'd be sore and i said, "nah"

but i like it, anyway.