Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what to do today?

a lot of people ask me, "what are you gonna do today?" and usually i'm like, i dunno, nothing? but i am always doing things. i am just impulsive and feel contstrained by plans, however i also know that my life is too unstructured for my own good and there is actually a TON of stuff that i need to be doing today and every day.
i have to think of my day as though i am clocking in and pretend that someone will chew me out if i don't get shit done. someone like Judge Judy for instance. she is mean! but like, i have to pretend that there is a mean judge hovering over my shoulder ready to embarrass me to death by chewing me out in front of everyone like i am a child.
otherwise, i will just waste another day reading people's blogs. NOT that reading your blog is a waste! ;-) not that reading MY blog is a waste. we all need creative outlets, emotional outlets, selfish time and social time. just so you know, i am wearing a nightshirt in these pics. i don't think they are high fashion or anything like that. just passing time, basically, right?