Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the ladybug incident

tide pool yesterday another incident involving a bug, the baby and me screaming. we were sitting together, scott, sophie and i, having an idyllic moment in a small meadow full of dandelions and surrounded by patches of white daisies dancing in the wind. a doe walked by, grazing and flicking her white tail. scott noticed a ladybug on my arm and i showed it to sophie. i put it on the back of her hand but quick as the wind she had it in her pincer grasp and sQuiSh it was gone. before i realized what i was doing, scott asked me why i was making that noise!? i was making some sort of high-pitched noise of surprise and horror and once again, my melodramaticness (word?) made sophie cry. it scared her. but then i wondered if maybe that was an okay thing? because maybe she won't squish another ladybug? it's weird how kids take great glee in killing rolypolies, ants etcetera.