Monday, June 11, 2007

exciting news

today it seems that the most i have accomplished is meal preparation. i made cream of wheat, egg salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and tomato soup throughout the day. plus scott and i offer our 1 yr-old a very healthy diet all the time. as much as possible. i think she eats very well.
do you ever wonder about online privacy? (ha that's an oxymoron) cuz, it's virtually non-existent, isn't it?
ooh, i just used the spellcheck feature in blogger for the very first time. kinda cool. i usually don't use spellcheck because i guess i am arrogant about my spelling skillz, or else if i am unsure of a word, i will look it up. french toast today i cut my left index finger. that seems to be a problem area for me, i have quite a scar there from a pubescent cheese slicing incident. ha.
my back hurts. if i am not as diligent as possible with yoga (for direct and indirect care of my spine) i will be in a wheelchair within ten years. or i'll be hunched over. scoliosis man. i need to get some kind of electric shock in the back muscles to realign my spine. i think i saw that on tv once.