Saturday, June 02, 2007

food post

have you ever seen the food porn group on flickr?
"for those who can't help but take pictures of food."
In the poll i did a couple of days ago, i asked what people want to see more of on this blog.
so far 'boobies' is winning by a landslide
with 'arguments with my boyfriend' coming in a distant second.
'pics and stories about what i eat' is in third place.
SO..... without further ado, i give you some of the foods i ate yesterday.

plums actually, i only tasted one plum. it was okay. but they are pretty in that bowl, aren't they? pasta shellscanteloupe, strawberry, cucumber, plum, knifechocolate soy nuts canteloupe those chocolate soy nuts taste kinda like stale peanut m&m's. i like them. you can't go wrong dipping things in chocolate. i actually only ate 2 bites of the pasta shells. pre-melty brie mmmmmm. perfect with roasted garlic. melty brie