Friday, June 01, 2007

some things may never make sense


my neighbor is very unusual. i went to his house yesterday and had a beer. he is native american (related to ishi) he has a LOT of american flags all over his house, like one on each wall or maybe even more, but they are all upside down or backwards. in fact, all of the pictures on his walls are upside down.
neighbor's livingroom sign spin lynyrd skynyrd
he is also obsessed with death and quite frequently asks people if they want to die also he says that he wants to die and he says, "they left me all alone" which is true.
neighbor's livingroom spinning sign
he does not allow white people to touch him, he says. i am not a touchy-feely type of person, but i noticed that i apparently kept reaching out to him because he would back away and say, 'don't touch me' and i'd say 'oh, sorry' and he'd say, 'don't say sorry, say 'welcome'. he has lots of rules. he said he hates me a few times, but also he said he loves me and that jesus loves me, too. also, God. mirror you have to spin that sign on his wall when you visit his house and people have tagged it and he had me tag it and you have to write '07, he says, cuz he erases it every year? and there was this 20 yr-old guy there who, when i mentioned my birthday is coming up, asked if i was going to be 20,21? i said "yup" because i was like, "shyeah right!" and he's all, oh cuz my last girlfriend was 34, so....