Friday, June 08, 2007

first day of yard sale is meh

there has been mild interest in our yard sale.
we may have made close to 20 bucks.
i'm hoping that today will be planting the seeds for a great day tomorrow.
of course there is always much more to having a yard sale than just making money.
it's a cultural tradition.
there is a culture of yard "sailing"
some people just pull up and you aren't sure if they are gonna get out of the car
so they do a drive-by
some of them just want to make conversation and snoop thru your cast-offs.
that's kind of fun, tho.
a lot of people ask how much something is but they never buy it
or maybe they are going home to think about it or something.
or maybe they have to ask someone else what they think.
but it's been fun just sitting out in the front yard and having a little bit of meet & greet.
scott is selling a bunch of tools on HIS side of the yard.
MY side of the yard is girly stuff.
today was exposure day.
tomorrow will be THE day
i can feel it.