Friday, June 01, 2007

i can tell

bars when we go out into the world
(grocery shopping, basically)
i try to look at as many people as i can.
it is kind of distracting.
i really like to look at people, tho.
i am a people-watcher big time.
too bad airports aren't like they used to be
when you could just sit there and watch people
that was awesome. park benchcarrie playground bars there was this one little girl we saw
the first thing i thought when i saw her was that she is like a lion.
she was probably ten?
but really big.
and she had super thick thick curly hair.
when she got mad about her brother taking something away from her
she screamed and yelled angrily as loud as she could
and none of the adults who were with her paid any mind whatsoever; nor, did the little girl seem at all self-conscious about her outburst.
which made me wonder how many families in the world are bringing up their children in the same way or worse and how really, every day that humanity doesn't destroy itself is a true miracle. swings chipped paintwaterhorseshoe pits