Thursday, June 28, 2007

you're not paying attention

inside beach fort

my camera lens has a smudge on it so all of the pics i took at the beach house have a foggy smudge in the middle. depressing. i was able to salvage a few pics, tho.

hopefully my doppelganger will stop doppelganging me sometime soon. until then, i will try to ignore it.

dark ocean
they say everyone has a doppelganger. isn't it weird to imagine another 'you' running around out of control somewhere unbeknownst to you? what if they do something and YOU get the blame for it? how annoying. but i suppose it could also be a convenient way to pass blame on someone else, too, couldn't it?

nestle cap on beach
if i do have a doppelganger, i hope that it has suffered less than i have in this life, y'know?
how can anyone ever really enjoy themselves with all of the negative crap that is going on every second on this planet? it's like, if you're not outraged.... then you're probably self-medicating.

i read the first chapter of Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love last night and then i started reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith. I'm more in the mood for the latter, tho, so i guess Mambo Kings will have to wait. Or maybe my Doppelganger can read that one and tell me what she thinks on her blog?

seashellstarfish regrowing limb.carrie in beach fort