Friday, June 22, 2007

that stings


i was giving sophie a bath and all of a sudden i felt a searing, stabbing pain in the arch of my right foot. i thought i must've stepped on something but it hurt so badly that i was unaware, at first, of the severity of my reaction (loud screaming that scared the baby into crying).
love spice for living
the realization that i needed to make sure that my daughter knew i was okay started to come into my consciousness at the same time that i am in total shock and extreme pain plus confusion/bewilderment about what the hell is even going on!?! then i see the yellowjacket on the bathroom floor.
thrift store knick knack
WHAT a fiasco! i'm glad it is all over now.
i rented pan's labyrinth for tonight and stopped in at the new thrift store in town. they have A LOT of interesting stuff compared with what will now be called 'the OLD thrift store'. MUCH better selection for household items.

ernie thrift store