Sunday, June 17, 2007

what are you writing for?

that pic is really old. it is way too hot here where i am. my sister (not kathryn) drove me to the mall yesterday in her car. (my son says, "say .. 'in her hovercraft'") and i said, "no" anyway, we went to the stupid mall and it was okay because i got to gawk at all the different people that i normally don't get to see, cuz where i live there are only boring people, i guess. i didn't buy anything, but she bought four t-shirts for $20 bucks each. i was a total nerd when the cashier dude (who was rather fetching, i might add) said $80. i was like, "did you say EIGHTY? woah! really?" i mean, COME ON. that is just whack. whatevs, dude. do you KNOW how many thrift store wardrobes i could get for $80?!?! seriously. i just finished making a spaghetti dinner for my gramma. slaving over a hot stove in the hot weather, mind you. and do you know why? because i am such a good person that even when i am stressed to the max and grouchy and miserable, i can still recognize that i should be cherishing whatever time i spend with my grandmother and also relish helping her in whatever way i am able. the end.