Wednesday, June 06, 2007

really? ya don't say.

guinness hot dog sign and carrie blurry hand we went to the school and it was awkward.
it always seems all hectic and non-structure-y in her (my b.f.'s mom) classroom.
i feel like she doesn't have a 'commanding' presence
like i would imagine a teacher to have.
but i am probably wrong.
the kids love her
i heard them say so.
she had a ton of interesting odds and ends in her classroom
and i snapped some of it
will upload later
the thrift store had a sale where you can get a bag and fill it with as many clothes as will fit and it only costs one dollar. i got some stuff. it's cool cuz i don't feel like i really have to commit to liking the item if it is going to be so cheap. even if i just mildly think it might be interesting-- shove it in the bag.