Sunday, June 24, 2007

what do i think?

if any of you are wondering, after reading the propaganda blog about me, WHY is carrie so obsessed with raymi? well, i am going to attempt to give you an answer to that assumption.
Based on the parody blog of me (which i am not going to link to now, but have linked to before, if you care to look in a past post), I, like an automaton, copy every single thing raymi does without self-consiousness or fear of embarrassment. in fact, not only do i copy what she wears, eats, how she talks, and everything else about her life, but i even think that I am actually raymi.
I have posted in the past how I came across Raymi's blog. It was thru Bunny McIntosh's blog. I think she wished Raymi a happy birthday one time and I'd never heard of Raymi, so I checked out her blog. I was shocked at how vulgur it seemed and how crazy and bitchy Raymi seemed. I showed my boyfriend and he had nothing nice to say; but, I still thought her blog was interesting, since she posts non-stop and seemed to be completely obsessed with herself. As time went by, I began to develop some concept of who this person was/is based on reading her blog and the comments (which are often the most interesting part of many blogs and were very active back then... seems to have slowed now that Monstergirl has taken over Raymi's life).
Most bloggers want people to read their blogs and in order for that to happen, your blog needs to be interesting, for starters. Raymi's blog is definitely interesting and so are a lot of peoples'. Reading her blog is a great way to get an idea of what a certain type of people are interested in seeing on a blog. Raymi caters to stalkers and obsessive types, which is one way to retain an audience.
But, i surf a lot of blogs, and have for the last few years, looking for interesting ones and trying to incorporate things that i like in other blogs into MY blog. I thought this was basically how blogging works. That's the whole idea behind Memes, Half-Naked Thursdays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc. But I wanted my blog to be less generic than to just straight up copy everyone else. I take ideas and I put my own twist on them.
Now, the parody blog shows many instances where a picture i took looks similar to a picture Raymi took, however, I know that I bought my stupid piece of crap fuzzy hat at the thrift store for fifty cents before Raymi bought her big fluffy babushka hat which is way cooler than the lame one i have. When i bought my fluffy hat, it was just to see if i liked it or not. I took some pics of myself wearing it and posted them to my blog. There have been many times when I have thought something or seen something or done something and later seen the EXACT same thing on Raymi's blog. Occasionally, I have even Honestly suspected that she was copying me (and my sister, but that is another story). But i never CARED and if anything I'd've been flattered, but I never thought that Raymi even really noticed my existence, so I shrugged it off.
One thing that happened was that I was AT a THRIFT STORE (HORROR Of HORRORS only poor people go to thrift stores! whatever, i'm poor so eff off) i saw some cool vintage boots for $15 and i'd been looking in regular stores for some boots all winter and never found any that i really liked enough to pay over $30 for. So I got these boots. The first time I posted a picture of them, Raymi commented on my blog that they were awesome. To be honest, i've never really felt comfortable wearing them because they are about a size too big, but they are fun to wear sometimes. Unlike Raymi, I do not wear those boots every single day with everything no matter what. Being at the time, an un-self-consciously regular reader of Raymi's blog (or Obsesseve Identity-less Stalker, according to some) I saw her wearing her boots with some cut-off pants, which I thought seemed like a cool idea for early spring when it's too cold to go bare-legged. Before, I ever read Raymi's blog or even knew she existed, I used to wear knee-high socks with skirts all the time. So I tried it and it was extremely comfortable, but my cut-off pants had to go because they were too baggy and had poochie crotch syndrome.

Anyway, I have a hypothesis or two about what is going on with this parody blog.
1) Raymi feels threatened by me in some way. Either Seriously threatened (for which there are no grounds) or her Ego/Vanity is threatened. So she either created this parody blog or assisted a great deal in the research for it to "give me a taste of my own medicine".
2) Some other girl is obsessed with me or Raymi or both and needs to go check herself into a hospital.
any other ideas?
there is really a lot more to all of this, but i get tired of thinking about it. even I, who am the person who is supposed to be obsessed with raymi, am tired of this whole "joke" so how can the people who still think it's funny sustain interest in this for so long? there's something going on behind the scenes here, people. i wonder if anyone will ever know the truth.