Wednesday, May 16, 2007


yesterday i saw the number 8 a lot.
i have been crying a lot lately cuz i am a big baby and now i have a headache from it. isn't that annoying? crying is supposed to be good for you cuz it gets rid of cortisol. i guess i need to drink more water, probably.
we seriously need to get out of the house today, man. even tho usu it just makes us glad to go back home, but still... it is necessary. it gets so stifling to just stay home all the time. i mean, i try to get out of the house as often as possible by going for walks etc. ugh.
need a dose of reality.
this morning every little thing kept going wrong. first sophie kept spilling kix all over the universe and then i end up stepping on them.
then i was trying to give the cat some wet food and he always gets his stupid head in the way and makes the food land not in his bowl.
THEN i turn around and next thing i know one cat isn't eating and it is because the other cat is SITTING ON his stupid food bowl. oy.
there's more. i must have pms or something! there must be some excuse for me.